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Matt Rettick is on a mission to provide all Americans the unbiased information they need to make informed financial decisions! Get the truth you need to achieve and maintain financial freedom and retirement success by tuning in to Matt’s show each week.

Now, more than ever, retirement savers and investors alike need comprehensive and current inside information. Checks and Balances Financial Radio with Matt Rettick provides just that. The weekly show puts current events in perspective, debunks common financial myths, offers relevant strategies for regaining financial freedom, answers frequently asked questions and examines consumer responses to personal financial issues. Topics addressed on the show are explored further on this website, where listeners can sign up for a weekly newsletter, watch informative videos and even take educational courses.

As a financial insider, Matt Rettick is committed to delivering no-nonsense clarity on financial issues. He is a published author, accomplished speaker, sought-after educator and has successfully founded and led several financial services organizations throughout the course of his career. Now, in his latest venture, his vision for this radio program is to give listeners a platform where financial truth and balanced advice finally meet.